Zurich Massage and Sport Clinic

  • Treatments for acute or chronic muscle/joint pain.
  • Anti-stress and burnout/depression treatments.
  • Muscle maintenance/improvements for athletes as well as for everyday sport.
  • Post-Surgery Treatments to foster healing and reduce pain.

At ZURICH MASSAGE AND SPORT CLINIC, you will be taken care of with the utmost professional care. 

Whether you go for a relaxing and gentle massage or an energetic therapeutic massage, I will make sure that the treatment is customized and tailored to your needs.


Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-21.00

Sunday and Monday 15.00-21.00



If you have a common cold or a sign of an upcoming cold, please wait to book your massage or cancel your appointment until it gets better. When your body is already fighting a virus due to a cold or flu, a massage can actually make your cold worse.